Placeholder Payment


How do I pay for my order?

We would like to give you sufficient payment options, so you can use the following payment methods:

iDeal. You pay in your own familiar banking environment. 

Creditcard (Visa and Mastercard). You can safely enter your credit card information via our secure SSL procedure and together with your credit card company we will ensure a proper handling of the transaction. When using a credit card, the card must be issued in a country which is on our list of delivery.

PayPal. You pay in your own familiar PayPal environment. 

Is it safe to pay online?

Safer than ever! We make use of one of the most secure payment systems on the market in cooperation with Online Payment Services. All your confidential information, such as your name, address and credit card details is encrypted by means of secure sockets layer (ssl). Besides this, payments via PayPal and iDeal take place in your own familiar banking environment.

How do I get discount codes?

These will be distributed through special promotions. It could be that you receive this ‘personalised’ discount code in your mailbox. Each code is linked to its own general terms and conditions (such as: who can use it, where and how long it is valid).

How do I use a discount code?

You can enter the code of your discount coupon in your check out (make sure you copy this correctly) after you have added an item, press ‘apply code’ and then the discount will be processed. It is only possible to use 1 discount code at a time. You may save the other code for a future order.

I forgot to use a discount code.

Unfortunately, after you have placed the order and completed the process it is not possible to apply the code. You may use the code for a future purchase.